Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001)
Okho (1989) — 13’30”
for three djembes and a big african drum


Carlos Roqué Alsina (1941)
Reflets en trio (2002) – 12′
for vibraphone, dejmbe and marimba


Vinko Globokar (1934)
Tribadadum extensif sur rythme fantôme (1981) — 25′
for three or an unlimited number of percussionists

The goal of this project is promote the relationship between performers and audience, between professional musicians and amateurs, Stimulating the meeting, dialogue and collaborating in an urban environment.

In the first part, great rhythmic and gestural impact capture the attention with games of exchange and integration between sound masses and solo phrases. In the second part, the audience – in this collective ritual which is TRIBADABUM – is immersed among instruments and performers, and experiment new sounds all over the space. The possibility of unlimited active participation becomes an opportunity to individual research and free expression.