Secret Public. Musical  boxes in urban spaces

Micro-concertos curated by ZAUM_percussion (artists in residence 2018—2020) inspired by the project from Ictus Ensemble, Bruxelles

Games, játékok, giochi 1


Artists involved in Secret Public and their repertoire:

In collaboration with Comune di Milano and  i Municipi, Fondazione Antonio Carlo Monzino e Container Lab Association
and the help of MiBact / Sillumina / SIAE

Ufficio Stampa del Teatro alla Scala – Tel. 02 88792412
Comunicazione Milano Musica: Stefania Cella Colpi – Tel. 02 67397850

Milano Music Festival 2018 will start with two different inaugurations distant from each other both from a space and spirit point of view.
There will be a festival “preview” consisting in multiple “on the road” events dislocated  on the suburbs Milan’s streets, and the first symphonic concert in Teatro La  Scala.
Same dates  (Saturday 20 and Sunday, October 21st the Preview, October 21 la Scala), but  opposed  appointments in their service to the public.
Six containers placed in different areas of the city, will officially start the Milano Musica festival 2018 season.
Each of these containers will be transformed into “musical boxes” open to the public and they will host free “micro-concerts”  15 minutes long.
Inspired by  Kurtág’s Játékok, “Games, játékok, giochi!” with his titlle , “Secret Public”  – Musical  boxes in urban spaces – is the official “Anteprima” of the festival and it  deals with  the artistic perspectives of our time through musical forms reflecting the new contemporary and urban musical life.
Following the line already developed by Milano Musica in recent years, ZAUM_percussion (artists in residence 2018-2020), led by Simone Beneventi, invites numerous percussionists and young performers that will make the audience part of this musical event.
Six “ContainerLab” containers, engaged in the promotion of contemporary music and art, will be distributed in six chosen points of the city, far from the classic concert halls.
These micro concert halls (36  square meters wide each) will be a really  interesting place for all the curious music lovers.
This will be a moment of listening sharing in close contact with the performers, their gestures, their breath.
The 24 artists involved operates in different fields of art but they  share the spirit of researching and creating, which makes them among the most interesting acoustic and electro-acoustic performers active in the multiform world of today’s percussion.
In Secret Public the musicians , performing several times over the two days in solo and small chamber sets,  aim at seeking a dynamic of contact and privileged exchange with the public, through original proposals and new projects designed for this specific situation.
The concerts will present the extraordinary possibilities of percussion instruments, such as written and improvised music, musical theater,  music without instruments, vegetable instruments, body music, jazz and world music, soundscape music, new technologies and performances with  lo-fi objects , live processing and no input mixing,  chamber music between different performers and moments of exchange with the public.
The program will see also  different  premiers and italian premiers with works  written for percussion by Javier Alvarez, Luis Andriessen, Georges Aperghis, Mark Appelbaum, Matthieu Benigno, Pierluigi Billone, Wojteck Blecharz, Xavier Bonfill, Dario Buccino, Ernie Burnett, Matthew Burtner, John Cage, Mads Emil Dreyer, Cathy van Eck, Andreas Eduardo Frank, Mario Garuti, Vinko Globokar, Walter Gross, Pierre Jodlowski, Mark Ishii, Alvin Lucier, Philippe Manoury, Abel Paul, Bud Powell, Stefan Prins, Fredric Rzewsky , Manning Sherwin, Matthew Shlomowitz, Steven Snowden, Emiliano Turazzi, Francesco Venturi, Maximilian Viel, Harry Warren, Julia Wolfe.


Emiliano Turazzi, Studio (2013) for vibraphone and two snares, 8 ‘
Javier Alvarez, Temazcal (1984) for maracas and electronics, 8’


PERFORMANCE = Largo, Rapido, Lontano (2018) Three electronic live sets for computers, drum machines and midi sounds, (15’ /15’/ 15’) (World premiere).


PERFORMANCE = Mater: improvisation for rectangular surfaces (cork, wood, carton, plexiglas, mirror, iron, granite) live processing 15’


PERFORMANCE: Balafon and voice, griot from Guinea, own compositions, 15’ 


Stefan Prins, Piano Hero # 1 (2011) for midi keyboard, live video and live electronics, 8 ‘
Pierre Jodlowski, Time & Money – part I (2004) for percussion and electronics, 5

Xavier Bonfill, Entrée / En Mouvement / Encore II (2017) for prepared vibraphone and electronics, 15 ‘(Italian Premiere)


BE-BOP JAZZ VIBES SOLO = Compositions: Bud Powell (I’ll keep loving you), Walter Gross (Tenderly), Ernie Burnet (My melancholy baby), Harry Warren (You’re my everything), Manning Sherwin (A nightingale sang in Barkley square). 

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