Repertoire, written by Mauricio Kagel (1967-1970), is the succession of a hundred theatrical appearances. These appearances are photographic snapshots and sketches, that produce sounds and / or music.
The piece requires the construction of utopian instruments and improbable scenographic scenarios. The sketches bring incredible situations, sometimes funny, often absurd. Failure is never far away and it is this fragility that touches us and interests us.

We want to show in this new version of Repertoire, avoiding the caricature, remaining close to the “text” and its form and its possibilities, the Dadaist aspect of it, its freedom and its relevance. The performers would take us to a world that has always been on the verge of burlesque and tragedy.


ZAUM_percussion +

Elena Burani, circus artist

Clara Storti, circus artist

Françoise Rivalland, tutor